Business growth through economic development


RenoVation - Rebuilding a City, One Property At A Time

Much has been said and written about Reno over the past few years, lots of sound bites gleaned, non-profits formed, expensive studies purchased.  Little has taken seed from these well-intentioned efforts.   The real progress continues to happen under the media radar by private sector stakeholders, replacing their mouth with their money.  Here are a few key examples:

MidTown District: The Start of Something Great

The Midtown District was born out of the need tor drive business during the depths of the financial crisis by Hillary Scheive (now Mayor of Reno) and Jessica Schneider (owner of Junkee Clothing Exchange).  Their efforts not only created the brand, but a cooperative of local business owners to embrace the brand and spawn the vibe that is now the 'cool' part of downtown. 

Marmot Properties: From Hovel to Hip

Started by 3 brothers, Marmot Properties has renovated over 80 properties in the past 5 years, putting the steak with the sizzle around the continually morphing MidTown District in Reno.  The Millenials on area looking for a hip place to live and interact.  Every vibrant, sustainable city around the country has that cool zone, ripe with hipsters providing the buzz and energy to make a district hum.  Marmot Properties recognized this and started to rehabilitate properties around the MidTown District, turning squalor in a hip place to live, work and interact.   Marmot Properties provide full turnkey services including acquisition, restoration, management and disposition.  Full disclosure, I am part of the Marmot team.  Contact me for more info.