Business growth through economic development


Economic Development

As the champion of the Renossance Project, I have spent nearly a decade  working with business and civic leaders to create a welcoming, sustainable university town.  Join the effort by contacting me today!

project financing

3rd Rock Communications will assist in facilitating your real estate project financing. 

marketing consulting

From concept to launch to sunsetting, 3rd Rock Communications is your contracted organic solution., 

channel development

Increasing your sales force while adding to the bottom line. Let 3rd Rock Communications show you how.


3rd Rock Communications provides ghost writing services from blog to whitepapers.

Your Business Sherpa

New to the Reno/Tahoe market? Getting connected in town shouldn't seem insurmountable.   Let 3rd Rock Communications connect your business with relevant introductions.


B2B Networking

As your contracted connector, we exponentially increase your company's products and services visibility. 

Community Development

3rd Rock facilitates community involvement through collaboration.  Allow us to explain!

Press Releases

3rd Rock's professional writers use our PR engine to spread the news.